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A call for abstracts was issued during August 2004. In response to the call for the abstracts, we received more than 260 papers. Out of this, 100 abstracts were approved by the Technical Evaluation Committee and the authors were asked to write detailed papers. The detailed papers were then evaluated and 40 papers have been accepted for publication. Out of the 40 papers, about 15 will be presented at the Conference. The three best among them will be awarded prizes at the Conference.


The Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America (FeTNA), The Tamil Sangam of Greater Washington and other Tamil Organizations in USA and abroad are collaborating to conduct the International Thirukkural Conference during July 8-10, 2005 in the Washington D. C. area. Dr. V. C. Kulandaisamy, formerly vice chancellor of several universities in India, Tamil scholar, author of books on Thirukkural and recipient of Padma Sri Award has kindly consented to be the Honorary Chairman and the keynote speaker for the Conference. Researchers specializing in Thirukkural and Tamil scholars from India, UK, USA, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and other countries will be participating in this conference.

During this conference, as a souvenir, we plan to publish a book containing research articles on Thirukkural. Those who would like to have their articles published in this book and presented at the conference should first submit an abstract. Our goal is to ensure that the articles that are published in this book contain original research material on Thirukkural. A Technical Evaluation Committee consisting of eminent Tamil scholars has been formed to review the abstracts to ensure that the articles selected for publication meet the expectations in terms quality and originality of research. The authors whose abstracts are selected will be notified of the selection and requested to submit a detailed paper to be included in the book.

The following rules and guidelines shall apply to the submission of abstracts and papers for this conference publication:

  1. Abstracts should be submitted no later than August 31, 2004 **

  2. An author may submit more than one abstract for consideration. Articles can be in Tamil or English

  3. Please send copies (2) of the Abstracts to the addresses listed below

    Dr. T. Murugarathanam
    5, 3rd Street, Theni road
    Aravazhi Nagar
    Palkalai nagar East
    Madurai 625 021 INDIA
    Dr. Sornam V. Sankar
    5420 Autumn Field Court
    Ellicott City, MD 21430
  1. Authors will be notified by October 15, 2004 whether their abstracts have been selected or not.

  2. Final copy of the detailed paper should be submitted no later than December 31, 2004.

  3. Abstracts and selected papers should be either printed or typed. Abstracts should be less than two standard pages and the final paper should be less than ten standard pages.

  4. The Technical Evaluation Committee will review and rank the articles based on the quality of research, originality and other suitable criteria. The top three articles will be awarded prizes. First prize - $1000; Second prize $500; Third prize $300. Also, the prize winning articles will be published in the Research Journal “Tamil World” published by the International Institute for Tamil Cultural Studies, Madurai, India.

  5. Members of the Technical Evaluation Committee may submit articles for inclusion in the book to be published. But, they are not eligible for the prizes.

  6. The authors of the papers will have the opportunity to present their papers at the conference. However, they should make their financial arrangements for travel to USA either by themselves or through grants/donations from other organizations.

  7. Authors can submit abstracts and papers on any topic that is related to Thirukkural. Listed below are some examples of topics for the authors’ consideration. However, it is not required that they should write their papers only on these topics.

    • Valluvar on Principle- Centered Living

    • Valluvar on Purpose of Life

    • Valluvar on Political Governance

    • Valluvar on Public Administration

    • Valluvar on Personal and Interpersonal relationship

    • Valluvar and other Philosophers and Thinkers of the World

    • Thirukkural and Feminism

    • Male Morality and Thirukkural

    • Thirukkural and the Environment

    • Valluvar on Romance

    • The Relevance of Valluvar to the Modern World

    • Valluvar in Indian Thought Complex

    • The Trivarga Purushharthaas(Human Goals) of  Valluvar and the Caturvarga Purushaarthaas

    • The Religion of Valluvar

    • Valluvar in World Perspectives

If you have any questions or comments regarding the International Thirukkural Conference or regarding this notification, please send them to the email address

Long live Tamil! Let Thiruvalluvar’s glory be known all over the world!

Dr. R. Prabhakaran


International Thirukkural Conference

** Abstracts submission date will be extended to september 30,2004



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